Cue the Fake Moral Outrage

One of the saddest and most maddening things about GOP supporters is how selective they are with their outrage. With President Biden only four days into his presidency, Republicans are already pontificating about a number of his policies.

In fact, four days in, Fox News is already proclaiming that his presidency is a disaster. That he’s undoing the “Trump Legacy.” His legacy should be undone because it is rife with atrocities against human rights.

While a lot of people removed their Trump-worshipping friends from their lives, I did not. I unfollowed them for sure, but I wanted to keep tabs on what they were reading, watching, and doing. It’s important for us to know our enemies. I’m well aware of what I just wrote, but let’s be clear. I’m not unifying with people who believe anti-Semitism, racism, white supremacy, and treason are a-ok.

Every once in a while I scan their Facebook pages to see what they’re posting. I came across a “friend” who manipulated Biden’s HHS freeze on Trump’s healthcare policies to suit her narrative. In her post, she railed against Biden, then asked if people were all right with policies that will hurt her fellow Americans, acting as if the administration already halted the new rule from coming to fruition.

I have many questions: why is she all right with separating families and children being put in cages? Where is her outrage over 400,000+ Americans needlessly dying from Covid-19 (maybe because she’s too busy peddling lies about vaccines)? Why isn’t she out of her mind with rage over the traitors who stormed our Capitol and beat cops with American flags? How could she not be furious over the attempt to disenfranchise millions of black and brown voters?

As we know, these are just a few of the most recent examples that come to mind. In fact, Trump affected human rights so frequently you can read a running list of what he did right here.

Here’s my thought. I don’t have a problem mending fences with those who voted for Trump and realized the error of their ways. I think it’s an important step we need to take to move forward. No one has to agree with everything Biden does, but when you turned a blind eye to the damage he has done to marginalized populations in this country, you lost your right to pretend you have any kind of moral compass. You only care about yourself.

Just a girl with a lot to get off of her chest.